Technical Assistance

- Photovoltaic layout and shading on the existing or planned car park plan

- Geometrically adapting structures in line with project specifications (including the size of the solar panels, general orientation for the car park, gaps between the spans and clearance height)

- Adapting technical options in line with the project’s economic conditions and profitability objectives (including maximizing the design and dimensions, the different levels of finish and optional equipment)

- "Realistic photos" displayed as 3D visuals and landscape inlay

- Creating the graphic elements for the building permit application and the preliminary declaration

Structure Design Office

- Conception

Producing a concept in line with project specifications (including bespoke dimensions for the structure as well as network and option integration)

- Calculations

Structural calculations according to Eurocodes

Calculating load descents and supplying details to the Foundation Design Office

Calculation note versions supplied to the Quality Control Office

- Quality

Careful design and finishing, attention to detail in laying foundations

- Costings

Value analysis and cost optimization

- Materials

Determining materials and material processes according to the corrosive level of the site


- Optimizing dimensions according to the local climatic loads and geometrical provisions for the project

- Constantly optimizing the design and taking feedback from the site into account (including assembly, connection with foundations and electrical equipment)

Research and Development

- Evaluating new materials and manufacturing processes

- In-house and laboratory testing

- Specific designs in the specifications

Construction Work

- Our Construction department enables us to provide:

- Laying for foundations

- Structure assembly work and installing photovoltaic panels

- Electrical work

Specialized in steel processing, Produtia designs, manufactures and installs PV for the world’s largest construction and energy skateholders in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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